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At Frog Hole Farm, we love an excellent pear and, in reality, take into account it our signature fruit. Maybe you’ve got taken a chew of our well-known Warren pear, a silky, juicy fruit with aromatic, perfumed notes with out the grainy texture of the Bartlett. Or, you’ve got been wowed by our crisp Asian pears, which vary in look from smooth and apple-yellow to golden and textured. We encourage you to discover the flavour subtleties between our Hosui, Shinko and Shinsekei varieties. Nevertheless, past taste and our regenerative method to agriculture, pears are usually not only a fruit: quite, societies and cultures for a number of centuries have related them with longevity. consolation, wealth and prosperity. In flip, take into consideration what your pear reward basket communicates:

Lengthy life

This image dates again to historic China, particularly, that pear timber embody immortality. In the present day, this perception ends in many leaving pears as presents for his or her deceased family members.

Moreover, the affiliation of the pear with an extended and probably immortal life stems from the lifespan of the tree and the way lengthy the fruits may final earlier than refrigeration. The pear timber themselves provide not less than 50 years of development, whereas the fruits can stay contemporary for months beneath the best storage circumstances. This final issue meant that crews heading to sea carried pears for meals.

Consolation, Well being and Concord

Cultures world wide affiliate pears with consolation or see them as an emblem of happiness and interior peace:

In Korean tradition, pears are an indication of fertility, good well being, knowledge and familiarity. In Chinese language tradition, related phrases for “pear” and “separation” outcome within the fruit symbolizing closeness and constructive, wholesome relationships between buddies and companions. In Spain, the phrase “be more healthy than a pear” makes use of the pear as a metaphor for good well being. In Their Eyes Have been Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, the pear tree is used as a metaphor for attaining an interior state of calm. In relation to those elements, Japanese properties recurrently embody a pear tree of their gardens to guard the inhabitants from malevolent and devious spirits.

Wealth and prosperity

Maybe as a confluence of the 2 earlier elements, pears have represented wealth for a number of cultures and civilizations:

Along with longevity and immortality, pears had been additionally an historic Chinese language image of wealth and success. Equally, each Greek and Roman civilizations supplied pears to goddesses related to wealth or femininity, together with Pomona, Hera/Juno, and Aphrodite/Venus. In 18th century European civilizations, pears had been thought to require particular rising circumstances (for instance, inside a wall or in an enclosed house) and subsequently each monasteries and castles grew these timber and harvested their fruits. fruits. For properties with out these traits, commerce routes carried pears from the Mediterranean space or England to the European the Aristocracy. Along with these symbols, artworks and literature (Homer’s The Odyssey and the portray of The Virgin and Little one, for instance) juxtapose pears with outstanding spiritual figures, hinting at their divine standing.


The subsequent time you order pears for supply, take into consideration the message they ship, whether or not it is wishing somebody an extended and affluent life or introducing them to a fruit related to a way of calm and peace. For the perfect pears by mail order, search Frog Hole Farm’s fruit containers and reward baskets now.


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